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Belly Dance Basics with Barátok 
Intro to Sword $75
*Sword included in price

Have you wanted to try dancing with a sword but aren't sure where to start? We'll get right to the point (pun intended) in this introductory workshop! 

You’ll learn how to safely use swords as an extension of your dance and increase your confidence utilizing an intimidating dance prop. We will cover safety, framing, balancing and learn a short choreography perfect for those new to swords. Each stainless steel sword will have a lycra cover (sword is exposed only at the balance point) with an extra vinyl cover at the tip for added safety.


Can you tell we take safety seriously? 
All swords are 25 ¼ inches from pommel to tip. The best part? You get a shiny new sword all of your own! No previous sword experience necessary but some experience with Belly Dance is highly advised. 

What you should bring: water, hip scarf, wax (many dancers use sewing wax found in the notions section of craft stores) and a cloth headband. Wear comfortable clothing you can dance in and be prepared to dance either barefoot or with studio-appropriate footwear. Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the studio. If you have any questions please reach out to us. We are happy to help.

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Belly Dance Basics:
Introduction To Sword

See you in class!

Sorry, our workshop is full. Please keep an eye out for our next one!

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